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"EZ Dock is the best dock system you can buy. They have performed exactly as I had hoped and they are completely maintenance-free. They will still be here long after my neighbors docks will need to be replaced."

- Max Ulgrich

The EZ Dock Difference

EZ Dock is the right dock for every application. The EZ Dock system is as varied and versatile as the waterways to which it provides access. From commercial functions to personal recreation uses, our modular designs and easy-to-use storage and launching components allow you to create the ideal dock for your needs and environment. You can even add to your dock later should your needs change.

  1. Versatile Modular Design
    The EZ Dock System is easily configured to suit most any need. Combine various size sections and accessories to create a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina.
  2. Maintenance Free
    Forget about painting and pressure-washing. EZ Docks are designed to be virtually maintenance free in both fresh and saltwater environments. Additionally, there are few parts to "go bad" as all dock sections and accessories have a minimum of components and require just a few hand tools to install.
  3. Weather Resilient
    EZ Dock system is designed to remain in the water year round. Since it requires only 1.5"of water to float, in freeze conditions the docks "pop" to the top and sit on the ice eliminating any concern of the docks being damaged. In wildly fluctuating water levels common to catastrophic storms, our docks simply rise and fall with the water-level ... surviving even the harshest of storms.

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EZ Dock is the most durable floating dock system available today - designed to withstand both severe weather storms and ice conditions.


EZ Dock has no wood to splinter, no nails or screws or metal braces to cut, and a skid resistant surface - providing the safest dock available today.


EZ Docks are incredibly stable. Our unique construction ensures the highest level of stabilty among all floating dock systems.

Easy to Use

EZ Docks are designed to be easily installed and are easily modified and/or expanded in the future, as your needs change.

Pioneering Design

Our innovative flotation chambers and powerful connectors are the industry leader in strength, durability, and versatility.


EZ Docks are modular. They can be configured to meet any need. Additionally, we offer THOUSANDS of customization options and accessories.


Our engineers work with our highly knowledgeable global dealer network to continually design new solutions for everything from residential boating to industrial applications


Since the dock system is made completely of polyetheylene, there is no treated wood or metal to contaminate your environment. EZ Dock is the only dock permitted in sensitive environments like Adventure Aquarium - home to over 1,000 fish, rays and sea turtles.

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